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2017 Pathfinder Award Recipients

Ms. Tracey Cook                Ms. Jennifer Gettle                  Ms. Alison Hall
         Mr. Eric Stiles              Mr. Leon Strimel     Victim Assistance Canine Program

2016 Pathfinder award recipients
               Ms. Carol Intintoli                                     Ms. Debra Iwaniec                            Detective Autumn Lupey                         
           Ms. Mary Beth Sayles                          Women's Services Prevention 
                                                                                  Education Team

2015 Pathfinder Award Recipients
      Chief John J. McGowan, III                                   Ms. Sue Griep                        Sexual Assault Resource and Counseling
                                                                                                                                 Center of Schuylkill and Lebanon Counties

2014 Pathfinder Award Recipients

         Ms. Brooke Hedderick                       Ms. Darlene Rowe                         Ms. Susan Curley Grady

2013 Pathfinder Award Recipients 

      Chief William Solomon                     Ms. Taylor Childers                  Ms. Christine Gilfillan
          Ms. Traci Bletz                             Ms. Cindy Keeney                       Ms. Karen Stahl

  1999-2012 Pathfinder Award Recipients