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May 8, 2018  
Governor Wolf, Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus Take Action to Reduce Gun Violence   
Philadelphia, PA – In response to community concerns about the gun violence epidemic, Governor Tom Wolf, Representative Jordan Harris, and other members of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus today announced a new $1.5 million Gun Violence Reduction Initiative and commended the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) for the recent release of $48 million in grants to organizations serving crime victims across Pennsylvania.
On March 2, Governor Wolf and Rep. Harris held a listening session to hear directly from the community about how gun violence is impacting Philadelphia. That meeting led the governor to create the Gun Violence Reduction Initiative, which will offer competitive grants to municipalities for evidence-based programs proven to reduce gun violence.
“After hearing from this community about the real-world dangers of gun violence, I’m proud to return and deliver funds to help stem the tide of violence,” said Governor Wolf. “We must continue to tackle this crisis head-on, and these new grants are an important step toward achieving that goal.”
PCCD will accept applications for the Gun Violence Reduction Initiative beginning today at  Awarding of the competitive grants will start in early July.
“The governor has shown tremendous fortitude by telling the world that the issue of gun violence is more than a problem, but an epidemic,” said Rep. Jordan Harris. “This is the first step in a multi-tiered process, and this initial investment is an important start. I look forward to our continued work with our governor to ensure that the epidemic of illegal gun violence gets the necessary attention it deserves, both through resources and awareness.”
“I would like to thank Governor Wolf for recognizing gun violence as a major problem in Pennsylvania,” said Senator Anthony Williams. “The creation of the Gun Violence Reduction Initiative signals to our communities that we are ready to fight gun violence head-on, that it is a priority, and that we are going to find the tools to stop it.”
“Gun violence is a public health crisis we have to address beyond just banning weapons,” said Senator Vince Hughes. “We have to examine the root causes and take additional steps to curb gun violence in our communities and across our state. I hope to continue to work with Gov. Wolf and fellow legislators to achieve this important safety goal.”
The governor also announced that PCCD recently awarded $48 million in competitive grants using federal Victims of Crime Act funds to programs across the commonwealth that provide direct services to victims of crime.
In Philadelphia, $4.1 million was awarded among seven programs to specifically address victims of gun violence and violent crime, including:
  • Temple University Hospital, $1,053,811 to create a crisis intervention team with several community partners to help adult crime victims and their families.
  • Mothers in Charge, $670,313 for assistance to underserved survivors of homicide in Philadelphia, with an emphasis on neighborhoods with the highest rates of violent crime.
  • Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia, $1,009,178 to create a survivor-focused network to provide crisis response services to family members of homicide victims.
  • Every Murder is Real, Philadelphia, $420,156 to expand peer support services for families of homicide victims.
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, $352,910 to provide evidence-based trauma therapy for young victims of violent crime.
  • Children’s Crisis Treatment Center, $259,556 for coordination of care to fill the gaps in support for children and their families in recovering from traumatic crimes.
  • Drexel University, $393,358 for the Healing Hurt People Program to serve victims between age 18 and 30 who are victims of violent crime.
J.J. Abbott, Governor’s Office, 717.783.1116   
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