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July 9, 2020

PCCD Announces Intermediate Punishment, Improvement of Adult Probation Services, and Violence and Delinquency Prevention Funding Impacted by 5/12ths Budget

Harrisburg, PA. — The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency’s Office of Financial Management and Administration recently announced that current grants supported by state appropriations for Intermediate Punishment (IP), Improvement of Adult Probation Services (APS), and Violence and Delinquency Prevention Programming (VDPP) were impacted by the 5/12ths Budget adopted by the General Assembly for FY20-21.  No other state or federal funding supported by PCCD was impacted by the 5/12ths Budget.

In regards to the IP, APS and VDPP funding, OFMA put out the following guidance:

“Due to current fiscal realities created by the pandemic, only the amount of funding appropriated for the five-month period is guaranteed to PCCD. Therefore, only that amount is available to agencies who may receive or have received IP, APS or VDPP grants from PCCD, that will utilize these funds. In other words, although you may receive or have received a IP, APS or VDPP grant award from PCCD that covers a period of one year or longer, at this time PCCD is only able to extend payments to IP and VDPP grantees in amounts equivalent to 5/12ths of the amount awarded to your agency for the period of July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.

PCCD has issued or will issue IP, APS and VDPP grant award notifications for the entire twelve-month period, however, all awards are conditioned upon availability of funding.

If IP, APS or VDPP funding for the remaining seven months of the normal budget period (December 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021) is appropriated to PCCD at level funding, the IP, APS and VDPP awards made would continue as described in the original award notification. If the funds appropriated to PCCD for the remaining seven months are unable to fully support the IP, APS and VDPP grant awards made by PCCD, the awards would be reduced based on the new appropriation. It is important to understand, the potential exists, that awards made by PCCD may not extend beyond the end of the five-month period. This will be the outcome in the event future appropriations are not sufficient to support the awards that have been made. 

PCCD will continue to monitor this situation and provide updates.”

PCCD’s mission is to enhance the quality, coordination and planning within the criminal and juvenile justice systems, to facilitate the delivery of services to victims of crime, and to increase the safety of our communities.

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