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March 22, 2016
Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency Launches Online Tool to Assist Police
Harrisburg, PA. — The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) has launched a new online tool designed to ease the paperwork burdens on local police departments and increase the accuracy of reports on the juveniles they hold. Nearly 300 police departments have already begun using the system.
“What this means for police in your community is less time behind a desk filling out paperwork and more time on the streets keeping you safe. Part of our mission at PCCD is to look for ways to use technology to improve the justice system. This new online tool does just that,” said PCCD Chairman Josh Shapiro.  “In addition to freeing up police from burdensome paperwork this system helps PCCD ensure that when children are held by police in your community that it is done in a safe and appropriate manner.”
Pennsylvania law requires police departments to report to PCCD on juveniles being held by them, either securely or non-securely, in order to ensure that the Commonwealth is in compliance with the federal Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA). Previously, this has required police departments to fill out by hand, ledgers documenting juveniles in their custody. For many police departments this was a laborious task that was also prone to errors. It also meant that officers were spending countless hours behind their desks instead of performing their regular duties in the community.
This new online system is a fast and secure way for police departments to record this information. In addition, it allows PCCD to have up-to-date information about how and where juveniles are being held throughout Pennsylvania so that we can ensure that they are being treated in accordance with the law. If a child is being restrained for an inappropriate amount of time, PCCD would be immediately notified and could investigate the cause.
"I want to commend the PCCD for this new online process. The PCCD now allows efficient, 21st Century data collection for all Law Enforcement Agencies across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania," said Robert A. Martin, Director of Public Safety for Susquehanna Township and member of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Committee.
Our Mission is to enhance the quality, coordination and planning within the criminal and juvenile justice systems, to facilitate the delivery of services to victims of crime, and to increase the safety of our communities.
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