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October 26, 2018

School Safety and Security Assessment Provider Registry Open to Eligible Applicants


Harrisburg, PA. — Charles Ramsey, Chair of the School Safety and Security Committee (Committee) established within the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD), announced today the launch of a new School Safety and Security Assessment Provider Registry on PCCD’s website.

The Registry meets the requirements of Act 44 of 2018, which tasked the Committee with establishing criteria for the registration of individuals with the knowledge and experience in matters of school safety and security that qualifies the person to conduct school safety and security assessments based upon the assessment criteria adopted by the Committee last month.  Assessments are to include consideration of the safety and security of a school’s physical environment, climate and behavioral health environment, and related policies and trainings. 

Applicants must satisfy the registration criteria established by the Committee, and provide supporting documentation to PCCD to verify their background and experience.  Applicants will be expected to apply directly via the Registry webpage.

If approved by the Committee, applicants will be placed on the Registry, which will allow schools to search for providers that will perform physical security criteria assessments and behavioral health/school climate criteria assessments per the Committee’s assessment criteria.

“I strongly encourage interested applicants meeting the Committee’s registration criteria to submit an application for consideration,” Chairman Ramsey said.  “The application period will remain open and the review will be ongoing, but the sooner applicants are approved, the sooner we can start providing this resource to schools, which will aid them in making an informed decision on who is conducting an assessment of their school.”

More information on PCCD’s School Safety and Security Committee can be found on this webpage at

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