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Fiscal Accountability

Accountability is important when managing grant funds. Consequently, PCCD follows these practices:

             Requires that grantee expenditures are consistent with approved budget categories, eligible for reimbursement, and supported by documentation. If notified by PCCD, grantees must submit financial back-up for some or all of the categories included in their Egrants fiscal report.

    •     Requires accounting systems be able to identify revenue and expenditures for each PCCD grant separately from all other revenue and expenditure sources.

             Reimburses only actual expenditures recorded on the required fiscal report, which must be submitted quarterly (monthly or more frequently for those agencies experiencing cash flow problems).

             Allows grantees to include expenditure detail by line item instead of just the overall budget category expenditures, making sure each line item matches what is in the approved budget.

             Conducts onsite fiscal monitoring of grants across all state- and federally funded projects.

    •        Assists agencies identified in PCCDs risk classification system as higher risk agencies.