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How to Get and Manage Funds

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After a subgrant is awarded, the original subgrant application is routed through the signature process. Awards are (to be approved and signed by PCCD's executive director, PCCD's chief counsel, the State Attorney General's office and the Office of General Counsel (if the subgrant is over $1,000,000,) and lastly the Comptroller's Office.
Once these signatures have been obtained, the subgrant is fully executed and the first payment can be made following the review and approval of the subgrantee’s submitted Egrants fiscal report. The fiscal report includes actual expenditures that were incurred prior to the submission of the fiscal report. The first payment may be held if there are unsatisfied special conditions that require your organization's attention. Any special conditions will be relayed to your organization on the official award letter and will be available to view in Egrants. All payments are made on a reimbursement basis unless otherwise approved by PCCD.
All current open funding announcements may be found on PCCD's website by going to the "Funding" page.

All of PCCD's funding announcements contain a paragraph labeled "Agencies Eligible for Participation." If your organization meets the criteria in this paragraph, your organization may be eligible to submit a formal application or concept paper (follow instructions provided).

In Egrants, go to the “Project” tab of your grant. Click the “Reporting Requirements” link to show all of the reporting requirements specific to your organization's grant.

You must submit a project modification request when one or more of the following circumstances arise:

  • A change between budget categories: Changes that exceed 10 percent of total project cost. (Total project cost is the sum of the PCCD’s project income and applicant's match funds.)
  • A change to purchase additional items or other items that were not included in the approved project budget.
  • A change to the key personnel positions listed in the approved project budget, including major salary reductions and increases.
  • A change which affects the project's objectives or scope; e.g., a change in the target population or services to be provided. Minor changes in a project are to be reported on the Quarterly Progress Report.
  • A change in dates of the project's duration.

Project modification requests must be submitted prior to the project end date.  No Project modification request will be reviewed or approved if it is received after the project end date.

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Volunteer time and personnel costs being used as an in-kind match must be accounted for in the same manner as personnel being charged to the grant.
Employees working 100 percent of their time on one PCCD grant may complete a certification at least every six months or complete a monthly timesheet.
Paid time off (PTO) is an allowable expense. PCCD does not dictate the methods or systems used to record time and effort, but your method should be reasonable and meet the standards for Time and Effort Reporting. One example would be to have a PTO row on the timesheet and charge the PTO proportionally among programs, based on actual hours worked that month.
PCCD grantees are required to keep the timesheets and time certifications on file and make them available to PCCD upon request. If you are required to submit the timesheets and time certifications, you will receive a specific request from PCCD explaining what is being requested.