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2007 Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS)

The 2007 survey also came in family and short versions ("Sample survey booklets," n.d.). Schools were also given the option to administer the surveys in two formats as hard copy survey booklets or as an Internet-based survey. In 2007, the PAYS used risk and protective factors that were restructured from the Hawkins et al. (1992) ones. There are 15 risk factors measured by 23 risk factor scales and 9 protective factors scales measured by a single protective factor scale (see New Risk and Protective Factors, link below) (PCCD, 2006, pp. 81-83).

Hawkins, J. D. & Catalano, R. F., Jr., (1992). Communities That Care: Action for drug abuse prevention (1st ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, Inc.

Sample survey booklets. (n.d.), see below.

Survey Results (PDF)

Trend Report (PDF)

Fact Sheet (PDF)

New Risk and Protective Factors - Appendix B (PDF)  

Sample Survey Booklets

Survey WITH family questions (PDF)

Survey WITHOUT family questions (PDF)

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