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Chief William Solomon

 Allied Professional Award

 Award Recipient: Chief William Solomon, Old Lycoming Township Police Department
Nominator: Susan K. Mathias, Director, Wise Options/YWCA Northcentral PA
Award Presented By:  Honorable Eric R. Linhardt, District Attorney, Lycoming County
Chief William Solomon is Chief of Police in Old Lycoming Township in north central Pennsylvania. Chief Solomon is being recognized for his leadership in adopting and implementing the Maryland Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) in Old Lycoming Township. The Maryland LAP is a nationally recognized, evidence-based program that reduces the occurrence of domestic violence-related fatalities and enhances the safety of victims and their children, law enforcement officers and communities. The LAP has two key components: 1) a Lethality Assessment Screening Form for officers to review with victims and 2) referral to domestic violence services based on the number of lethality indicators that the officer and victim identify from the screening. Implementation of LAP demands close collaboration between law enforcement and domestic violence programs to provide life-saving services to victims.
Chief Solomon and his officers at the Old Lycoming Township Police Department have built a solid working relationship with the Wise Options Program under the YWCA of Northcentral Pennsylvania. This strong collaboration was born in the wake of a domestic violence murder that occurred in Old Lycoming Township. Chief Solomon often speaks to others about how the murder forever changed his perspective on domestic violence and how he now commits himself and his officers to doing what it takes to eliminate domestic violence casualties. Working with Wise Options to implement LAP in Old Lycoming Township is critical to achieving that goal.
Officers in Old Lycoming Township have been trained to use the Lethality Assessment Screening Form to assist victims of domestic violence in evaluating their safety and, when appropriate, encouraging them to make the decision to reach out for domestic violence support services at Wise Options. Within the first three months of implementation of the LAP, four women who were identified as being at high risk of being killed have sought Wise Options' services as a direct result of the police officers' use of the Lethality Assessment Screening Tool. Chief Solomon takes every opportunity to speak of the successes of LAP to members of the community. He actively encourages other law enforcement in Lycoming County to participate in LAP.
Chief Solomon is the Vice President of the Lycoming County Law Enforcement Association and was instrumental in helping to bring Detective Deidre Fishel to Lycoming County to present Telling Amy's Story, a film and training program about domestic violence. In conjunction with the Law Enforcement Association, the training was provided to over 200 individuals on domestic violence response and prevention. Chief Solomon is committed to reducing Driving Under the Influence (DUI) incidents and is involved with the DUI Advisory Board.
On behalf of victims of crime and the victim service's field, we thank you Chief Solomon for your innovation, collaboration and unfailing commitment to victims of crime.

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