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In photo left to right: Board Member Robin Lindsey, Board Member William Seeds, Board Member William Hawk, Lower Paxton Township Crime Victim Advocate, Jessica Stoddard, Board Member Gary Crissman, Lower Paxton Township Detective, Autumn Lupey, Director David Spotts, Commonwealth Victim Advocate, Jennifer Storm, William Hornung

Allied Professional Award

Nominator:  Jessica Stoddard, Crime Victim Advocate, Lower Paxton Township Police Department
Award Recipient:  Autumn Lupey, Detective, Lower Paxton Township Police Department

No one expects to become a victim of crime. It takes a great deal for some victims to come forward about the incident that left their lives in shambles. When one becomes a victim of crime, they are not enthused about telling a stranger the most intimate details of one of the most personal and tragic moments in their life. The idea of then following the investigation with a long and arduous criminal justice process and testifying in front of a room full of strangers adds to anxiety that many victims experience. 

Detective Autumn Lupey truly exemplifies law enforcement playing the role of an advocate. For her, a case is not just an incident number and a file folder with a label; it is a mission to ensure that a victim has a voice, and that an offender is not left to victimize someone else. When a case is placed in her hands, it is handled with urgency and care. Making contact with a victim is of utmost priority while evaluating their mindset and interests in the case. Detective Lupey thoroughly explains to victims what can be anticipated in every step of her investigation and after the case enters the criminal justice process. Her mission to ensure that victims are kept in the loop offers empowerment as they cross the threshold of this journey. 

It is evident in her intelligence, profound critical thinking techniques, and processes throughout her investigations that she has significant training, education, and experience. Detective Lupey shows innovation and creativity in the pursuance of a case outcome with the support of her tremendous research techniques and by advocating for victims by using whatever means necessary. Her distinct drive to obtain further knowledge by means of training and literature, and to grow as an investigator, is a testament to her dedication to victims in need. 

Detective Lupey exemplifies outstanding service to her clients and makes unusual efforts to ensure their every need is met by partnering with Victim/Witness. It is vital to make mention that  she will not hesitate in making time for my questions/concerns as a crime victim advocate, no matter how busy she is. There are many times that she will drop everything she is doing in order to assist or guide me on the most effective way to advocate for a victim and provide the best of service. 

I have the utmost respect for Detective Lupey for the above reasons, but lastly, because she treats every case as if the victim was her own loved one. She ensures every step of the investigation is given her entire heart and mind and the necessary time to provide a prosecutable case. For her, it is not a mission to knock items off of her to-do list; it is a mindset of making the world a better place and helping victims receive justice. 

It is my hope that with this glimpse into the work of Detective Autumn Lupey, you are able to see her dedication to the victims of Lower Paxton Township Police Department and her mission to make the world a better place.

Award Presentation:

Detective Lupey was presented the award on August 16, 2016 by Jen Storm, Pennsylvania’s Statewide Victim Advocate, during a local township meeting.  

On behalf of victims of crime and the victim services field, we thank you, Ms. Lupey, for your innovation, collaboration, and unfailing commitment to victims of crime.

 Content Editor