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​Data and Research

As part of its efforts to implement recommendations from the Governor's Special Council on Gun Violence, PCCD has identified the following data and research objectives:  

  • Develop a research agenda for gun violence in the Commonwealth that can be used by state agencies and institutions of higher education to answer key questions and address current gaps.

  • Coordinate with sister agencies and other partners to access and analyze relevant datasets that can increase understanding of gun violence and inform action at the state level.

  • Create reports and fact sheets focused on data and research priorities for publication on PCCD's website and dissemination among key stakeholders.

  • Make data and findings transparent and accessible by posting datasets for download on PCCD's publicly available website (where possible).

More information about PCCD's gun violence data and research priorities is available in the agency's Gun Violence Research Agenda. You can learn more about PCCD's Office of Research, Evaluation & Strategic Policy Development by clicking here.