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Upcoming CJAB Conference:
The 2015 CJAB Conference will be held on March 25 and 26, 2015 at the Days Inn, State College. The two-day event will be a mix of plenary and breakout sessions presented by experts on issues that are placing a high demand on an over-burdened justice system. The conference will offer participants the opportunity to learn from clinical expert, Carl Dawson, M.S., M.A.C., on topics such as: Post Traumatic Stress Disorders with the Substance Using Population and The Effects of Addiction on the Brain and Treatment. Other topics will include: Opiate Abuse in Pennsylvania, Health Care and the Criminal Justice System, Re-entry, Veteran's Diversion efforts, the effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries and the Justice Involved, statewide Crisis Intervention Team initiatives and the results of the Cross System Mappings across the Commonwealth, just to highlight a few.
Registration information will be available soon.
Prior Events
2014 Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB) Chair and Coordinator Workshop, "Building Upon Success"
The 2014 Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB) Chair and Coordinator Workshop, "Building Upon Success", was held on September 16, 2014 in State College. This interactive session was attended by representatives from 36 counties and was facilitated by Nancy Dering Mock. Nancy is recognized as an incisive strategist and trusted advisor in Strategy, Leadership, Change and Human Capital Management.  The day focused on CJAB planning and management strategies for building upon CJAB success. Discussions included an Overview of Strategic Planning; implementing your Strategic Plan; Revising your Strategic Plan; and connecting various strategies including Re-entry plans and Cross-System Mappings. Participants walked away with the necessary tips and tools to help them enact change in their respective CJABs.