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Hardware Registration ​ ​Hardware Verification
​Internet Connection     ​LiveScan w/ Palm [Certified Equipment (PDF)] ​*
​CLEAN Connection  ​PC w/Operating System  ​PC w/Operating System
​Internet Explorer version 7.0 or higher ​Webcam (Driver, Software?)  ​Webcam (Driver, Software?)
Word viewer  ​Signature Pad (Driver, Software?)  ​Signature Pad (Driver, Software?​
Adobe viewer  ​Scanner (Driver, Software?) ​Scanner (Driver, Software?)​
Excel viewer  ​Printer (Driver, Software?)  Printer (Driver, Software?)​​
​SilverLight Addin (Microsoft) for photo capture  Photo Backdrop  ​ ​Photo Backdrop
​Camera Stand Camera Stand​
Security information for equipment and room specifications is governed by the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy and CLEAN Administrative Regulations. Both are very restrictive and mirror each other. To view these specifications, please consult the documents below:

* Please note verification sites do not require a LiveScan device. Fingerprints will only be required for initial registration or anytime the offender’s true identity is in question. 

Description of equipment (PDF)
The question marks on the equipment standards are due to the fact that you may or may not need the software required with each output/input device.  For instance, if the operating system has a driver you may not need to install any software.
**You must have 'Pennsylvania Justice Network', or 'Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network' Access.
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