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OSSA Brochures and Posters

​ The following brochures and posters provide information for parents/caregivers regarding the services of the Safe Schools Advocate.   As per Section 1310-A of the Pennsylvania Public School Code, "posters are to be hung at a prominent location within each school building, where such notices are usually posted. The form of this notice shall also be developed by the advocate and provided to the school district."  Please contact the OSSA at  if you wish to receive larger quantities of the materials or if you have any questions. 


OSSA Brochure - Albanian.pdf
OSSA Poster - Albanian.pdf
OSSA Brochure - Arabic.pdf
OSSA Poster - Arabic.pdf
OSSA Brochure - Chinese.pdf
OSSA Poster - Chinese.pdf
OSSA Brochure - English.pdf
OSSA Poster - English.pdf
OSSA Brochure - French.pdf
OSSA Poster - French.pdf
OSSA Brochure - Russian.pdf
OSSA Poster - Russian.pdf
OSSA Brochure - Spanish.pdf
OSSA Poster - Spanish.pdf
OSSA Brochure - Vietnamese.pdf
OSSA Poster - Vietnamese.pdf