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Office of School Safety 

If, while you are at school or on your way to school, you have been assaulted or threatened, you can contact the Office of School Safety.

Brendan Lee,
Executive Director of School Safety


If your child attends a charter school, you should review your school's handbook to see who to contact.  Generally charters ask that grievances be filed with the most directly responsible party and move to that person's supervisor if you do not get an acceptable response : 

  • Teacher

  • Dean

  • Principal/CEO

  • Board of Trustees 

If you are unhappy with how the school handles the issue, please feel free to contact our office

You may also wish to file a written grievance with the Philadelphia School District Charter School Office (CSO) and School Board by e-mail.  

You can also file your grievance in person at the  Charter Office:(as always, we recommend that for any grievance filed in person, parents request a tracking number with which they can follow up with the office)

440 N. Broad Street
Portal B - Suite 102*
Philadelphia PA 19130

*Past the security desk; first hallway on the right; at the end of the hall, very last door on your right.