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You have the right to request a transfer on behalf of your child if they have been the victim of a violent offense or currently attends a persistently dangerous school.

Unsafe School Choice



A student who is a victim of a violent crime and reports that crime to law enforcement shall be offered the opportunity to transfer to a safe public school (including charter school).   In order to be eligible for the Unsafe School Choice Option, these are the requirements:

    • The student must have been the victim of one of the following crimes:
      •  kidnapping;
      • robbery;
      • aggravated assault;
      • rape; sexual assault; involuntary deviate sexual intercourse; indecent assault; or
      • attempted murder.
    • The incident must have been reported to the police.
    • The transfer request must be made within 30 days.

Your request should be made to the Assistant Superintendent of your school, with a copy to Danielle Seward (see below) and the principal.  We recommend that you include a copy of the police report, and medical paperwork from any resulting injuries.  You will not be given a choice as to where the victim will be assigned, but the District must make sure they are transferred to a school which has the same services your child had at their previous school. 

Please contact our office if you need any assistance drafting your request.  We are currently developing a sample letter for families to use in this instance.  




The Pennsylvania Department of Education maintains an official PDS list. If your child attends one of the current persistently dangerous school, you have the right to apply for a transfer of your child to a safe public school, including charter school. The transfer must occur within thirty (30) days of the school receiving the application. 


Administrative transfers


This year the District continues its use of the Administrative Transfer.  This transfer can only be requested by the Principal or Assistant Superintendent for your child's school.  The following is the updated procedure as outlined by the Office of Student Enrollment and Placement :

    • The parent/ legal guardian must notify the principal or principal’s designee of the concern.  Parent's may also contact the Office of Family and Community Engagement to document a concern and receive assistance.
    • School staff shall investigate the concern and implement necessary interventions. If assistance is needed, school staff should reach out to the relevant office or staff person from the Division of Student Support Services to assist with implementing interventions.
    • After interventions are implemented with fidelity, but are found to be ineffective in resolving the issue, an executive level staff person from the Division of Student Support Services may submit a written Administrative Transfer request to the Office of Student Enrollment and Placement. The request must include evidence of documented interventions along with a justification for why the student should be transferred.
    • After the request is thoroughly examined, a transfer decision will be made. If the request is approved the student will be transferred to the next closet school with space.  Transportation will be determined according to the School District’s Transportation Policy. If the request is denied additional interventions and supports may be implemented.


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