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The 2015 Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB) Chair and Coordinator Workshop, "Continuing Success," will be held on September 30, 2015 at the Red Lion Hotel, Harrisburg East.  This interactive workshop will be facilitated by Jodi Pfarr.  Jodi will help us to build upon the planning and organizational capacity skills that we have learned over the past few years.  This training will help your CJAB examine the current reality and create a future reality.  Jodi helps participants verbalize their passions, skills and sense of urgency to help create a three-year strategic plan to achieve that future goal.  The plan is broken down to one-year objectives as well as a 90-day work plan so participants leave with clear action items to accomplish their three-year vision.

Jodi will also discuss how to work effectively with diverse populations - whether that diversity is economic, racial, gender, etc.  Participants will leave with a very practical understanding of how to work effectively with diverse populations and help them better manage, supervise or volunteer within their organizations or communities.

View the days' Agenda (PDF) for the Workshop.  

Attendees may access the meeting materials via mobile devices through download of the MyEvents2Go mobile application.

The instructions for MyEvents2Go application (PDF)