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5-Hour Annual Qualification

The 2023 5-Hour Annual Qualification Course will consist of a written test, administrative procedures, safety brief and firing the Constable Qualification Course (CQC) of fire. There will be no practice of the CQC. A Student Firearms Study Guide will be available in CCETS and on the right of this page; constables must review and study this Guide prior to attending a 5-Hour Annual Qualification Course. The written test will be on the material in the Student Firearms Study Guide at the start of the 5-Hour Annual Qualification Course.  If a constable fails the written test after two attempts, they will be dismissed from the class and will not be given an opportunity to attempt to qualify.

Second Weapons

Qualification with two weapons is permitted, subject to time constraints and range conditions.  The constable must provide sufficient ammunition for that additional weapon.  Constables must qualify with Weapon 1 before they will be permitted to attempt to qualify with Weapon 2.

If a constable fails to qualify with Weapon 1 and re-shoots the portion of the course failed but still fails to qualify, that constable will not be permitted to attempt qualification with Weapon 2.