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​Continuing Education

Constables and deputy constables must successfully complete the 19-Hour Continuing Education Course in 2023 to renew their certifications for 2024.  Based upon successful completion of Continuing Education by November 17, 2023, constables and deputy constables will be issued certification cards in December 2023, which will indicate certification for 2024.  

Prisoner Transports (8-Hours classroom)
This course will focus on teaching constables how to plan and execute a prisoner transport in a safe and appropriate capacity. Best practices will be reviewed, including proper searching techniques and appropriate methods of applying handcuffs, leg irons, and transport belts. Constables will be taught to recognize and anticipate issues that can interrupt transport, result in the failure of a transport, or that can result in a prisoner escape. Finally, constables will be taught the appropriate steps in response to prisoner who escapes during transport.

De-escalation (4-Hours online)
This course will begin with a presentation on the concept of procedural justice and how the four core principles of procedural justice extend to the successful execution of constable duties. Emphasis will be placed on the constable’s understanding of how emotional intelligence, legitimacy, and critical decision-making are indispensable elements in de-escalating potentially dangerous circumstances. Risk and threat assessment will be taught to identify the best course of action in response to an escalating circumstance. De-escalation and containment methods will be presented, in addition to the use of verbal engagement to reduce risk, avoid force, and to minimize escalation, in order to create a zone of safety.

Legal Updates (3-Hours online)
Legal Updates will explain residency requirement, case law and definition on the issue of residency as it pertains to constables. Relevant case law will be reviewed regarding excessive use of force from situations that maybe similar to one a constable encounters. Updated rules for landlord tenant will be presented, as will a review regarding responsibilities of a mandated reporter. This training will explain if an international driver’s license is a valid ID when a constable is serving process or a warrant.

Disease of Addiction (4-Hours online)
Given the public and hands on nature of constable work, it is likely that a constable will encounter issues related to addiction in some form while executing his/her duties. This course will provide explanation on the relationship between life trauma and addiction. Constables will be taught to recognize trauma and the constable will learn constructive strategies for implementing conversations to provide connection to treatment. There will be a heavy emphasis placed on the opioid crisis, as this category of substance has and continues to be a commonly encountered problem for first responders. Explanations on the role of Naloxone as a response to this public health crisis will be provided.