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Guiding Statements

Shared Values

We share an individual and collective responsibility and privilege to empower and protect crime victims and those who serve them. 

Crime victims and survivors have rights that must be enforced statewide and reflected in VSAC's mission and goals.

The lived experiences, voices, and voices of victims and survivors must be heard, validated, and respected in a safe, welcoming, accepting environment.

Crime victims should receive supportive services within their time and in their own way.

All crime victims deserve dignity, equitable access, and accommodation to a full range of trauma-informed services and a continuum of care.

VSAC's membership should reflect the diversity of crime survivors as we seek to amplify victims' voices and make decisions that can profoundly and positively affect their lives.

We are stewards for the best use of funds for crime victim services. 

We partner with all who are committed to meet the needs of victims and provide opportunities for restoration and justice.

We engage all stakeholders to promote trust and confidence, leading to safer, healthier, more resilient communities.


Survivor-focused services are available and accessible for all crime victims and communities.


To promote a standard of excellence in crime victim services.