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Transitioning Home

PCCD has consistently believed and practiced that what happens to young offenders after being discharged from juvenile treatment facilities cannot be an afterthought. “Aftercare” must begin when the offender is placed in residential care and be integrated into programs while in placement. After-care needs must also be incorporated into discharge decision-making.

PCCD wants to ensure that discharged offenders have the opportunities they need to live healthy lives and be responsible members of their communities. To accomplish that goal, PCCD and its partners seek out and enhance the most effective aftercare programs with planning, funding, technical assistance, and evaluation of results.

PCCD-supported aftercare programs emphasize the following:

  • Risks, needs, and capacities of each youth;
  • Crime victims’ views;
  • Performance monitoring;
  • Formation of a single plan to include input from multiple groups, from law enforcement to schools;
  • evidence-based practices.