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Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Relief - UPDATED

Funding Announcement 

With the passage of the Federal Coronavirus Relief Act (CARES Act), PCCD has been tasked with distributing available funding to support state and local law enforcement's efforts to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the COVID-19/coronavirus. 

On Monday, May 18, 2020, PCCD released an $8 million solicitation to PA counties for the express purpose of providing support to each county's law enforcement community, which includes, but is not limited to, county jails, juvenile detention centers, local law enforcement, district attorney's offices, county probation and parole offices, judiciary/court houses, victim service providers and any other relevant criminal justice stakeholders.  Permissible use of funds may include, but are not limited to, overtime expenditures, equipment purchases, hiring, supplies, training, travel expenses, and addressing the medical needs of inmates.

To facilitate distribution of these funds and to best coordinate county efforts, PCCD is utilizing a formula-based approach and is relying on each county's Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB) to coordinate with its members to address critical needs in law enforcement and criminal justice related services due to COVID-19.

Counties may access the funding announcement.

Statewide Survey

In April 2020, PCCD administered a survey for chief administrators of criminal justice system stakeholders to take to ascertain levels of need throughout the Commonwealth in response to the coronavirus.  Survey findings were used to help determine the funding announcement released above.  The survey was emailed to all known stakeholders and was provided on PCCD's website. 

The main findings of the survey were as follows:

    • 632 completed responses were received by PCCD, representing all 67 counties throughout the state.
    • Of the top three respondent agency types, 58% of completed responses came from local law enforcement; 11% from county probation and parole; and 10% from victim service agencies.
    • 56% (n=353) of all agencies indicated that they had an essential need for financial support.
    • Of those agencies requesting need, 94% indicated an immediate need for supplies and equipment.  Next highest need request was for overtime, then training.
    • Of supplies and equipment needed, the most commonly selected items – in order of highest to lowest frequency selected – were disinfectant spray or wipes, hand sanitizer, N-95 facemasks, gloves, surgical facemasks, thermometers, and disposable gowns. 
    • N-95 facemasks were selected as the top priority for most agencies responding.

To continually monitor the needs of local law enforcement and the criminal justice community relative to the COVID-19 response, PCCD intends to administer another survey in Fall 2020.  Aggregate data resulting from that survey may be distributed to County Criminal Justice Advisory Boards (CJABs) to assist them with grant applications and planning objectives.  

Contact Information

Any questions regarding the survey or the funding announcement should be directed to