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Funding and Grants Process


How to Get and Manage Funds

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Applying for PCCD funding through Egrants is not difficult, but does require registering and establishing security roles. Allow enough lead time before applying for funds to process the necessary forms. Learn how to get and manage funds.

Competitive Grant Process

For a general overview of the standardized process PCCD follows when issuing, reviewing and awarding competitive grants to applicants. Learn an overiew of the Competitive Grant Process.

Federal Application Requirements

All potential agency applicants and sub-recipients for federal funding must have a DUNS number (a unique, nine-digit identification number for each physical location of your business) and be registered with the System for Award Management (SAM, formerly CCR). Learn the grants process for federal applicants.

Grants Financial Management

Successful Financial Management starts with an understanding of the guidelines and regulations that pertain to grant awards. Learn more about Grants Financial Management.

Grants Training

For many grants, training is required, much of it online, to ensure that everyone understands the purpose and procedures associated with the funding. Learn more about Grants Training.

School Safety and Security Application and Administration Guides (new!)

Get The grant forms you need

Grant Procedures and Forms


Funding Stream

PCCD administers a number of state and federal funding streams that are      awarded either competitively or through formula allocation.  Monitoring and sub grantee reporting requirements are specific to the funding stream. Learn more about Funding Streams.