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Office of Victims' Services

Who We Are

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We help crime victims transcend their trauma by providing funding to victim service agencies that work directly with victims, provide financial help to victims through the Victims Compensation Assistance Program (VCAP), and collaborate with criminal justice and allied professionals that advocate and respond to the needs of victims.

What We Do

Helping Crime Victims

Meet the Needs of Victims of Crime: PCCD helps victims of crime get the services and support they deserve. 

Offsetting the cost of crime: PCCD is committed to helping ease victims' financial stress and other needs. 

Giving a voice to school children who often do not want to report violence. PCCD has programs to make sure children have the confidence to step forward. 

More than 172 programs throughout Pennsylvania provide services annually to hundreds of thousands of individuals who are victims of crime.  The quality of these services depend on funding from government agencies and charitable organizations. 

Providing Resources to Allied Professionals

Training victim service professionals to support and enhance their invaluable role in serving victims of crime. 

Training law enforcement officers online: Training law enforcement professionals is not easy, especially when budget cuts mean less overtime and fewer hours for police. Online training is the answer.