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Getting Started in Egrants

Before starting an application in Egrants, potential applicants will need to ensure that (1) their agency is registered in Egrants, (2) they themselves and at least one other person from their agency are registered in Egrants, and (3) they have the appropriate user roles to move forward with the grant application. 

Login to Egrants - Log in or create a new account. 

Agency Registration Request Form (PDFYour agency must be properly registered in Egrants if you intend to apply for a grant. Use this form to register your agency in Egrants.

PCCD Egrants Keystone Login & Registration Walkthrough Guide - An easy-to-follow guide for registering with Egrants includes both forms referenced below.

New User Role Request Form (PDF) - If your agency does not have a User Manager, this form is used to establish the necessary roles for your Egrants access.

Egrants Role Request Walkthrough (PDF) - If your agency does have a User Manager, this guide will walk you through the process of requesting roles. 

User Manager Help Guide (PDF) - This guide provides instruction for users having the Agency User Manager security role in Egrants and how to approve requests as well as maintaining existing security for users already established within their agency.

Ready to start your application? Check out the Applicant Resources page. 

Need Help? Contact the Egrants Help Desk

For questions about the Egrants system, call the Help Desk at (717) 787-5887 or toll-free within Pennsylvania at (800) 692-7292 and ask for the Egrants Help Desk. Please note: While Egrants will accept your application up until midnight of the due date, Help Desk staff will not be available after 4:00 p.m.

Subscription Notification Option

Subscribe to receive email notifications when new funding opportunities become available in Egrants.

Sign-Up to Subscribe for Grant Opportunity Emails - This will not register you to apply for grants, but will allow you to receive notices about grant opportunities as they become available.

Remove my Email Address from the Email Notification Service - This will remove your email address so you no longer receive grant opportunity notifications.