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Constables' Education and Training Board

Act 1994-44 established the constable and deputy constable training and certification program within the PCCD. Basic Training classes of 80 hours of instruction began in 1997. The Basic Firearms course is 40 hours and a 5-hour Annual Firearms Qualification Course is also available.  Annual Continuing Education for constables consists of 20-hours of instruction (8-hours in classroom and 12-hours online).

Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff Education and Training Board

The Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff training and certification program was established as required by Act 1984-2 with amendments. The program consisted of 760 hours of basic training provided by Pennsylvania State University. Biennial continuing education of sheriffs and deputy sheriffs consists of 20 hours of instruction provided through Temple University. The Board also provides additional training for Sheriffs offices in the following areas: Basic and Advanced Supervisors training, Firearms instructor training, Patrol Rifle training and on-line optional training subjects.

Firearm Education and Training

The FET is charged with educating and training county probation officers in the use of firearms. The FET is funded through fees collected by individual Pennsylvania counties. The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency is responsible for providing support staff to the office.