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PA Body Worn Camera Meeting

2019 Pathways for Victim Services Workshop Proposal



2019 CJAB Conference (April 9-10, 2019) {Archived}

2019 Statewide Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Meeting (March 26, 2019) {Archived}

2019 CJAB Conference "Call for Presenters" {Archived}

2018 CIT Verbal De-Escalation Train-The-Trainer Workshop (May 7-8, 2018) {Archived}

2018 CJAB Conference (April 3-4, 2018) {Archived}

2018 Statewide Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Meeting (March 20, 2018) {Archived}

2017 Statewide Stepping Up Summit (December 4-5, 2017) {Archived}

Vacuum Metal Deposition (VMD) Technology Demonstration (November 8, 2017) {Archived}

2018 CJAB Conference "Call for Presenters" {Archived}

PCPOA June Training Program (June 8, 2017) {Archived}

2017 County Intermediate Punishment Program (CIPP) Database Training (May 17-24, 2017) {Archived}

2017 CJAB Conference (April 4-5, 2017) {Archived}

2017 Statewide Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Meeting (March 23-24, 2017) {Archived}

PCPOA February Training Program (February 2, 2017) {Archived}

2016 Regional Law Enforcement Technology Forums {Archived}

2016 Human Trafficking Symposium: Addressing Victims of Sex Trafficking in Pennsylvania {Archived}

2016 Reentry Workshop {Archived}

2016 PCPOA Crime Prevention Symposium (September 19-21, 2016) {Archived}

PCPOA April Training Program {Archived}

2016 CJAB Conference (April 12-13, 2016) {Archived} 

2016 Statewide CIT Meeting {Archived}

2016 Opioid Symposium: Prevention, Intervention, Treatment and Recovery {Archived}

PCPOA January Training Program/Quarterly Meeting {Archived}

PCPOA Fall Training Program/Quarterly Meeting {Archived}

2015 Middle Atlantic States Correctional Association (MASCA) Veterans Conference {Archived}

2015 CJAB Chair and Coordinator Workshop  {Archived}

2015 PCPOA Crime Prevention Symposium  {Archived}

2015 Statewide CIT Meeting  {Archived}

2015 CJAB Conference  {Archived}

2014 CJAB Chair and Coordinator Workshop {Archived}

County Intermediate Punishment Programs (CIPP) Data Collection System Training {Archived}