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PCCD Telephone Numbers

Executive Offices
Derin Myers, Acting Executive Director 
(717) 705-0888

Office of Financial Management and Administration
Derin Myers, Director
Including Grants Management, Financial Administration and Administrative Services
(717) 787-8077

Office of Criminal Justice System Improvements
Michael Pennington, Director
Including Local Services & Technology Development, Criminal Justice System Development & Services and Information Technology Planning & Services
(717) 787-8559
(877) 772-5437

Bureau of Training Services
John Pfau, Manager
Including Constables’ and Deputy Sheriffs’ Training
(717) 265-8546

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention 
Michael Pennington, Director
(717) 787-8559
(877) 772-5437

Office of Research and Child Advocacy
Kirsten Kenyon, Director
(717) 705-3696

Office of Victims' Services 
Kathy Buckley, Director
(717) 265-8700

Victims' Compensation Assistance Program
(717) 783-5153
(800) 233-2339

Kirsten Kenyon
(717) 705-3696

Philadelphia Safe Schools Advocate
Roi Ligon, Director

Egrants Support
(717) 787-5887


PCCD Fax Numbers

​Organizational Unit​Fax number
Executive Offices(717) 705-0891
Legal Office(717) 214-9585
Press Office(717) 705-4567
​Office of Research and Child Advocacy (717) 705-4566
Office of Financial Management and Administration(717) 783-7713
​Office of Criminal Justice System Improvements ​(717) 772-0550
​Bureau of Training Services ​(717) 783-7140
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention(717) 772-0551
Office of Victims' Services (717) 772-4331
Victims Compensation Assistance Program(717) 787-4306
Egrants Support​(717) 783-7165

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If this is an emergency domestic violence request, please call 911 or the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). The PCCD Webmaster's account does not accept emails with attachments, emails forwarded from another sender, solicitations, emails containing a blank, non-readable, or fictitious sender name or subject line.