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Time and Effort Reports (Time Sheets)

All personnel funded with PCCD grant dollars must maintain Time and Effort Reports regardless of the grant funding stream. A number of timesheet systems can satisfy this requirement; email PCCD's Grants Management group with questions.

For employees working on multiple activities or cost objectives: 

    • Report actual effort after the work is done, not the budget estimated amount.

    • Account for the total (Grant and Non-grant) activity for which employees are compensated and required to fulfill their obligation to the organization.

    • Be sure the employee and a supervisor who has first-hand knowledge of the activities performed signs the timesheet.

    • Prepare the timesheet monthly to correspond with one or more pay periods.

    • Account for volunteer time and personnel costs being used as in-kind match in the same manner as personnel being charged to the grant.

For full- or part-time employees working only on a single activity or cost objective:

    • Certify that employees worked 100 percent of their time on activities eligible for reimbursement under the grant project.

    • Prepare the report at least every six months.

    • Be sure a supervisor with first-hand knowledge of the activities performed by the employee signs the timesheet.

Sample Forms 

Better results are achieved when employees receive codes or task names in advance and record their time daily.

*Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) may follow their own established policies for documenting personnel expenses provided that the IHE's policies are in compliance with the Standards for Documentation of Personnel Expenses referred to at 2 CFR 200.430.

FAQs about Timesheets

The above standards are based on the Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (2CFR 200) and the Office of Justice Programs Financial Guide.