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9/27/2018School Safety and Security Committee Adopts School Safety Assessment Criteria
9/25/2018Governor Wolf: Congress Must Reauthorize Violence Against Women Act Now
9/24/2018Governor Wolf Renews Call-to-Action to Support Victims of Crime and Abuse
9/10/2018Governor Wolf Announces Winners of the Governor’s Victim Service Pathfinder Awards
9/7/2018Governor Wolf Announces Funding for Gun Violence Reduction Initiatives
8/27/2018Pennsylvania School Safety Task Force Report Recommends Holistic Approach to Making Schools Safe
7/23/2018Governor Wolf Appoints Charles Ramsey Chairman of the School Safety and Security Committee
5/14/2018Governor Wolf Announces Significant Progress in Opioid Disaster Declaration Initiatives
5/8/2018Governor Wolf, Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus Take Action to Reduce Gun Violence
5/2/2018Governor Wolf Hosts First Opioid Command Center on the Road in Southwest Pennsylvania
4/25/2018Governor Wolf Applauds Senate for Unanimous Passage of Justice Reinvestment Initiatives Legislation
4/17/2018Pennsylvania’s School Safety Task Force Hears from Students, Others in the Southeastern Region
4/6/2018Pennsylvania’s School Safety Task Force Holds First Regional Meeting
4/5/2018Gov. Wolf, Legislative Democrats Announce Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Protections for Workers
4/4/2018Corrections, PCCD Report Shows Need for Individualized Reentry Solutions
4/3/2018PCCD’s 2018 CJAB Conference Begins at State College
4/3/2018Governor Wolf Announces Senior Check-In Program with County Sheriffs
3/19/2018PCCD Now Accepting Nominations for the Governor’s Victim Service Pathfinder Awards
3/15/2018Governor Wolf Launches School Safety Task Force with Auditor General DePasquale
3/2/2018Governor Wolf Joins Representative Harris for Listening Session on Gun Violence in Philadelphia
2/14/2018Governor Wolf Proposes Drug Court Funding as Key Component of Opioid Epidemic Fight
1/17/2018Statewide Victims’ Needs Assessment Survey Begins in Pennsylvania
12/11/2017Crime Victims App Awarded PA Excellence in Technology Award
12/5/2017Governor Wolf Announces 59 Counties Initially Participating in PCCD’s Naloxone for First Responders Program
12/4/2017Pennsylvania Counties Gather at Statewide Summit to Address Mental Illness Crisis in Local Jails
10/20/2017Governor Wolf Announces 60,000 Additional Naloxone Kits Available for First Responders Statewide
10/11/2017GO-TIME: Commission on Crime and Delinquency Announces New Feature on Mobile App to Assist Victims of Crime
10/5/2017Governor Wolf Announces $5 Million Funding for Naloxone to First Responders
10/3/2017Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency Celebrates Juvenile Justice Week in Pennsylvania
6/15/2017Study Finds County Intermediate Punishment Programs Work
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