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Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) 2013
The PAYS was administered during the fall of 2013. Local Summary Reports presenting the results will be sent to the Superintendents of participating school districts and private/charter schools in April of 2014.

For additional information, contact Geoff Kolchin at (717) 265-8483 of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

PAYS How-To Guide for School Professionals (PDF) 

PAYS Workbook for School Professionals (PDF) 

PAYS Online Data Analysis Tool

2013 PAYS State Report (PDF)

2013 County Reports

To view the “PAYS for Students” Public Service Announcement, see

To view a webinar on information about the survey, including how to understand and present your local data, go to  

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs (PDF) about the PAYS

PAYS and DFC Reporting (PDF)

2013 PAYS Survey (PDF) (English Version)

2013 PAYS Survey (PDF) (Spanish Version) - This Spanish version of the PAYS instrument can be printed and handed out to your students who would prefer to take the PAYS in Spanish.  If you would like larger quantities (more than 30), please contact Mary Johnstun with Bach Harrison at to order them.

Letter to Superintendents (PDF)

Participation Agreement (DOC)

Sample Passive Consent Letter/Form - English Version (DOC)

Sample Passive Consent Letter/Form - Spanish Version (DOC)

Informational Fact Sheets about PAYS for Various Audiences

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