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ETO Data Privacy (PDF)

Outcome:  Empowerment and Satisfaction Questionnaire

ETO Account Creation and Disabling WebEx Training 

This training introduces Site Managers on how to create and disable accounts.

ETO Homepage and Sidebar WebEx Training 

This training goes over the links on the Homepage and Sidebar.
ETO Logging In and Help WebEx Training

This training goes over the process of logging into ETO and how to access the Help section in ETO.
ETO Entering Demographics Training

ETO Victimization Assessment

This recording introduces the end user to the victimization assessment and what information is necessary to record for Victims and Significant Others.  The assessment is also divided into Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Other Crimes regarding information that is required.

ETO Track Direct Services

This recording introduces the end user on how to record time and efforts that were provided to the participant.  The recording also discusses how to record efforts for multiple participants at once.

ETO Track Emergency Housing/Track Transitional Housing

This recording introduces the end user on how to record Emergency Housing for clients who are receiving housing services from the Program.  The same instructions apply for tracking Transitional Housing.

ETO Track RASA/VOJO Procedural Efforts

This recording introduces the end user on how to record RASA and/or VOJO effort for the participant.

Recording RASA & VOJO Efforts

This video demnstrates how to record RASA or VOJO efforts in ETO Touchpoints.

Recording General Efforts

This video demonstrates how to record General Efforts in ETO Touchpoints.

ETO TouchPoints Creation

This video, along with the trainings provided by Social Solutions, shows end users how to create Touchpoints.

Batch Uploads

This video shows you how to access the batch upload functionality and upload your data into ETO.

ETO Homepage Setup

This video shows you how to edit your homepage.

ETO Dashboard Setup

This video shows you how to make edits to Participant Dashboards.