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Law Enforcement Victim Rights Notification

Per the Crime Victims Act, law enforcement agencies shall provide basic information on the rights and services available for crime victims. The information shall be in writing and shall be provided to the victim within 24-hours of the law enforcement agency's first contact with the victim in a manner and form to be developed by the Office of Victims' Services. Additionally, law enforcement agencies shall within 48 hours of reporting give notice to the direct victim or, if appropriate, a member of the direct victims' family of the availability of crime victims' compensation. The notice required under this subsection shall be in writing and in a manner and form developed by the Office of Victims' Services.

PCCD has developed the form that is accessible at the below links. Additionally the Guide was developed in a manner to be less cumbersome for law enforcement due to its decreased size and multiple size options available to law enforcement.

To further assist law enforcement agencies, PCCD has pre-populated the Law Enforcement Victims Right Guide for each specific county in Pennsylvania. Law enforcement agencies are encouraged to utilize these pre-populated forms, however, law enforcement agencies may choose to download the blank Law Enforcement Victims Rights Guide from PCCD's website and populate the blank forms with the local victim service agencies' contact information.

County Specific Forms

Blank Form​s