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In photo left to right: CVC Executive Director, Peggy Gusz, Community Outreach Coordinator, Joe Myers, Community Outreach and Mandated Reporting Specialist, Carol Intintoli, and Manager of the Victim Compensation Assistance Program, Jeff Blystone
​Individual Prevention Education and Outreach Award

Nominator:  Joseph Myers, Community Outreach Coordinator, The Crime Victims' Center of Chester County, Inc.
Award Recipient:  Carol Intintoli, Community Outreach/Mandated Reporting Specialist
The Crime Victims' Center of Chester County, Inc.

Carol Intintoli is a Community Outreach and Mandated Reporting Specialist with CVC’s Prevention/Education (P/E) Department and has been with our agency since 2006. In her role as an educator, Carol is responsible for providing personal safety outreach programs to schools, community/church youth groups, camps, and the community-at-large. She is certified as a Mandated Reporter Trainer for Child Abuse and provides trainings to professional groups whose work brings them in contact with children. 

Carol utilizes her creative skills to make her presentations child-friendly and age-appropriate. To supplement the commercial resources available to her, Carol is known to create her own materials. She has written and illustrated three children’s books that address bullying and personal safety for young students. Carol has also invented interactive games to engage her young audiences and impart important knowledge in a non-threatening way. 

Nothing is too much work for Carol. Carol goes above and beyond in every task and with a contagious smile on her face. In addition to her teaching assignments, Carol is in charge of decorating PA Senator Andrew Dinniman’s office window in West Chester. She has designed displays on topics such as bystander intervention, human trafficking, and on different methods to get involved in the Chester County community. Her themes, designed to spread the word about CVC services/programs, are always eye-catching and thought-provoking. 

Her creativity in outreach is not limited to this one display location: she also adds her artistic touch to a high school cafeteria every single year. A few years ago, after an incident at a school in which CVC provided services, our P/E staff was invited in to create displays that would last the entire year in the cafeteria. Carol has led the design of these displays, two full-wall sized bulletin boards in the cafeteria. Each day, the students ate lunch around these boards that focused on healthy choices, community involvement, and building self esteem. 

Carol is a tremendous asset to CVC given her professionalism, dedication, and respect for her fellow CVC staff. She is always ready to help another staff person and has been considered a mentor by a number of younger staff.  It is her both her authenticity and kindness that draws children to her and makes her work so effective. She puts so much of herself into the work, bringing the same care that she shows children to the rest of the staff in the office. When there are community events in town, Carol often brings her husband, her daughters, or even her dog to make the event a family affair. Since the time she started at CVC, every Christmas, Carol has made an ornament for every member of staff, oftentimes including CVC’s color or symbol, the Starfish. She is always there to connect with other staff members, to decompress, to share a laugh or a cry. She helps make CVC more than just an agency, but a family.

Award Presentation:

 Ms. Intintoli was presented the award by Jeff Blystone, VCAP Manager for PCCD, at the Sprout Music Collective in West Chester, PA at a reception on July 6, 2016. 

On behalf of victims of crime and the victim services field, we thank you, Ms. Intintoli, for your innovation, collaboration, and unfailing commitment to victims of crime.​