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Your Rights As A Victim

As a parent/guardian, student, or teacher you have the right to have the Advocate:

  • Attend the disciplinary hearings when requested by you, as well as present information and testimony and cross examine witnesses;

  • Provide assistance and advice on available victim support services;

  • Provide information about the disciplinary process and its outcome;

  • Provide information about whether the school district acted properly in cases involving weapons;

  • Assist in ensuring that the victim will be safe on school property

  • Make reports to the police where the District fails to do so;

  • Provide information and recommendations to the District Attorney regarding the impact of the incident on the victim and the victim’s family.

If your child has been a victim, you may receive a notice about a date and time for a disciplinary hearing. We encourage all victims to attend disciplinary hearings, and are available to accompany you. Please contact our office if you have concerns or questions about:

  • Having your child give testimony in the presence of the student who victimized them;

  • A scheduling conflict you have for the date and time set for the hearing;

  • Any information you have received on writing or over the telephone about the hearing.