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40-Hour Basic Firearms

The 40-Hour Basic Firearms Course is designed to provide an essential grounding in acceptable law enforcement techniques for any constable who is not Act 49 certified with a weapon and who is not precluded under State or Federal law from possessing or using a firearm.  The Course consists of a series of lectures, laboratory activities, and practical exercises that provide a basic understanding in the safe manipulation of a service revolver/pistol. It starts with the presumption that the participant has little or no formal training.  The Course stresses safe handling techniques, proper cleaning, correct weapons handling skills and marksmanship.  As part of the training, the constable will be exposed to firing in reduced light and to interactive judgmental shooting scenarios.  It is offered upon the conclusion of the 80-Hour Basic Training Course and Board certification.

The CQC is divided into two stages.  A shooter must qualify on each phase with a score of at least a 75%.  The shooter who fails to pass one of the phases will be permitted to repeat the phase on which he or she did not meet the 75% threshold.  This Course includes a written exam.

Prior to registering to attend the 40-Hour Basic Firearms training, all constables and deputy constables must complete and submit the PCCD Background Check Form (PCCD Form 214), which can be found on the right.  After the form is submitted, PCCD staff will complete a Background Check to determine eligibility to enroll in the 40-Hour Basic Firearms Training Course. 

Payment made payable to PCCD can be mailed to:

            BTS-Constables' Program
            PO Box 1167
            Harrisburg, PA 17108-1167

Once payment, an enrollment form, handgun registration form and a background check form (if not completed during the 80-Hour Basic Training) are received, Program Staff will enroll you into the 40-Hour Basic Firearms Training Course.