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Waiver Training

The Board may grant a partial waiver of training upon application by a sheriff/deputy sheriff who meets one of the following categories:

  • Successfully completed a recognized Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers' Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) Act 120 basic training course as documented by a copy of grade transcripts and certification of completion from Act 120 Academy.
  • Experienced as a municipal police officer in Pennsylvania as documented by a copy of either current or past MPOETC certification card and a letter from a current or former department verifying employment and status upon separation.
  • Employment as a Pennsylvania State Police Officer as documented by a copy of academy graduation certificate and notice of retirement.

Class Waiver Applications are submitted online through the Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff Information System (SDSIS).  The following information is required: 

  • a current nationally recognized basic first aid certification card.
  • a current nationally recognized CPR certification card. (Child, Infant, and Adult)
  • a current (within one year of the date of the application) police firearms range qualification certificate with score, level of proficiency, and signature and certification number of firearms instructor who conducted the qualification.

A sheriff/deputy sheriff who is granted a partial waiver of basic training is required to undergo a basic training waiver course of 80 hours, which consists of 40 hours of on-line training and 40 hours of residential training.