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Register for Egrants

Applying for PCCD funding requires registering through Egrants. The process can take several business days, so be sure to allow enough time to register before applying for a grant.

Agency Registration

Agencies that have never received funds from PCCD must first complete the Agency Registration Request Form (PDF), have an official with legally binding signature authority sign the form, and fax it to (717) 783-7165. Within 24 hours, the agency will receive a call or email confirming registration in the Egrants system.

User Registration for First-Time Applicants

At least two individuals per agency—those who will enter information or serve as a contact—must register online through Egrants. Fields with an asterisk beside them must be filled in, and the 6-14 character User ID must begin with a letter. Applicants are encouraged to write down the User ID and password and keep them in a safe place. Please utilize the New User Quick Start (PDF) to guide you through the Egrants user registration process.

If you need additional assistance when registering, please contact the PCCD Egrants Support at (717) 783-7165 or via email at