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Preparing Offenders to Return Home

PCCD’s reentry coordinator works with agencies and non-profit service providers to bring consistency to how prisoner reentry is managed before and after release from incarceration. PCCD’s reentry coordinator acts as a liaison with groups vested in the problem and interested in finding ways to remove those barriers, prevent recidivism, and adapt services better to the real needs of released offenders.

Coalitions of local stakeholders meet regularly around the state to assess reentry practices, identify service gaps, and develop projects to fill those gaps. PCCD awards grants to assist in that process. Most important, a reentry strategic plan emerges from these exchanges, which gets blended into county strategic plans and leads to action.

As expected, there are many barriers to offender reentry.  However, the dialogue and planning are working, as groups tap into existing community resources and innovate approaches to help those leaving prison transition smoothly back into their communities.