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Criminal Justice Programs

The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency leads the Commonwealth’s effort on justice planning. Its Office of Criminal Justice System Improvements (OCJSI) advances this role by coordinating with all levels of criminal justice agencies in identifying their issues, developing statewide policies and programs and implementing innovative justice improvement solutions that enhance public safety.


Major programs from the Office of Criminal Justice System Improvements OCJSI focus on:

  • Supporting Criminal Justice Advisory Boards (CJABs).       
  • Addressing mental illness, substance abuse and crime.
  • Helping offenders transition back into their communities.
  • Applying the latest technologies to crime reporting from fingerprinting to image identification and records management.
  • Helping law enforcement agencies evaluate and improve performance.
  • Increase the standardization, integration and sharing of data within the criminal justice
  • Funding efforts to digitize crime data, automate case management, and streamline decision making.