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Who We Are

We help make justice systems better, crime victims' lives more livable, and communities safer.


​We shape our priorities around service, expand our understanding from experts, measure our effectiveness by the professionalism of practitioners, and, above all, believe that integrity will get us to our goals.


About PCCD


Criminal Justice


PCCD's Office of Criminal Justice System Improvements promotes collaboration around the best research, ideas, data, and systems to produce informed decisions about deterring crime, streamlining justice, redirecting offenders' lives, and protecting citizens.  More...


Juvenile Justice


PCCD's Office of Juvenile Justice works with state and local partners to improve the Commonwealth's juvenile justice system and prevent violence, delinquency, substance abuse and other related problem behaviors. More...


Victim Services


PCCD's Office of Victims' Services works to minimize the financial impact on those subjected to crime and assaults, helps victims of crime transcent their trauma and move forward with their lives.  More...


Research and Statistics


Research is a compass for PCCD to remind us where we have come and where we should go. Moreover, PCCD-sponsored research enables organizations to support policies with proof.  More...


Endowment Act 


Act 1 of 2013 directs PCCD to expend the monetary penalty imposed on the Pennsylvania State University by the National Collegiate Athletic Conference to aid the victims of child sexual abuse in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The 2016 Annual Report / Interactive Endowment Act Map is now available. More...

Justice Reinvestment

A data-driven approach to reduce corrections spending and reinvest savings in strategies that can decrease recidivism and increase public safety