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COVID-19 School Health and Safety Grants FY20-21 – for Public School Entities​

A copy of the funding announcement is HERE, with each school entity's allocation included in Appendix A.

Grant Application Guides

Grant Application Orientation (PDF)
An orientation for the COVID-19 School Health and Safety Grants FY20-21 funding announcement and grant application which includes direct links to application resources.
A comprehensive guide to grant application requirements and post-award obligations.
A step-by-step guide to completing a grant application in Egrants. 
A guide to completing the Main Summary Information section of a grant application.
A step-by-step guide to completing the Budget Detail section of a grant application.
A guide to completing the Program Activities section of a grant application. 
Attachments (PDF) 
A guide to completing the Required Documents section of a grant application. 
A guide to completing the Approval Checklist section of a grant application.
A step-by-step guide to completing the Procurement Details section of a grant application.
A guide to completing the Performance Indicators section of a grant application.
A guide to completing the Federal Transparency Act Certification section of a grant application.

Additional technical assistance on PCCD Grant Administration can be found HEREAny questions should be directed to 


Per Act 30 of 2020, a total of $150 million in School Safety and Security Fund funding supported with federal CARES Act funding is being announced as of June 16, 2020.  Awards will be made to 779 eligible school entities (i.e., school districts, area career and technical schools, intermediate units, charter schools, regional charter schools and cyber charter schools) with budgets not to exceed the formula distribution included in the solicitation for an 8-month project period contingent on the school entity making application to PCCD NO LATER THAN JUNE 30, 2020, pending approval of the School Safety and Security Committee.

Funding is being distributed as outlined in Act 30 of 2020.  Act 30 provides that each intermediate unit, area career and technical school, charter school, regional charter school and cyber charter school shall receive $90,000, and that each school district receives a base amount of $120,000 and an additional amount determined by the 2018-2019 average daily membership for each school district out of the CARES Act funds remaining after all entities receive their base funding.   

ATTENTION:  Due to federal CARES Act funding reporting requirements, school entities must expend funding under this solicitation no later than October 30, 2020.  Applications will be considered on a rolling basis by PCCD as they are received.  The project period is for up to 8-months, with a start date of March 1, 2020 and an end date no later than October 30, 2020.  Any eligible purchase made by the applicant or any recipient agencies must be made during the project period.

Per 24 P.S. §13-1312-B(b), each school entity shall be eligible for a COVID-19 Disaster Emergency School Health and Safety Grant for the following purposes:

  1. Purchasing of cleaning and sanitizing products that meet the centers for disease control and prevention or department of health criteria.
  2. Training and professional development of staff on sanitation and minimizing the spread of infectious diseases.
  3. Purchasing of equipment, including personal protective equipment, thermometers, infrared cameras and other necessary items.
  4. Modification of existing areas to effectuate appropriate social distancing to ensure the health and safety of students and staff.
  5. Providing mental health services and supports, including trauma-informed approaches for students impacted by the covid-19 disaster emergency.
  6. Purchasing educational technology for distance learning to ensure the continuity of education.
  7. Other health and safety programs, items or services necessary to address the COVID-19 disaster emergency.

Applications must be submitted electronically through PCCD's Egrants system. The application process is limited to selecting the appropriate program activities of eligible activities listed above; a broad budget at the time of the application's submittal; and a certification that the applicant will use the funds for the stated purpose in the grant.