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Naloxone for First Responders

About the Program

Launched in November 2017, the goal of PCCD’s Naloxone for First Responders Program (NFRP) is to increase the availability of life-saving medication for individuals at greatest risk of opioid overdose as well as the systems most likely to interact with these individuals.

NFRP provides intranasal naloxone to priority first responder groups across Pennsylvania utilizing designated points of contact known as Centralized Coordinating Entities (CCEs). To meet the NFRP’s goal, CCEs distribute available naloxone to the following priority first responder groups:

  • Organizations that provide services and supports to individuals who are currently using substances, such as harm reduction organizations;
  • Individuals with substance use disorder (SUD) and/or opioid use disorder (OUD) leaving the county and/or state correctional facilities;
  • Individuals leaving a SUD/OUD treatment facility;
  • Individuals receiving care in emergency departments for an overdose;
  • Probation and Parole Officers;
  • Law enforcement agencies (including municipal police, sheriff’s offices, campus police, campus security, school resource officers, and park rangers);
  • Firefighters (to include both volunteer and paid firefighters);
  • Emergency medical services, advanced life support, basic life support, and emergency medical technicians; and/or
  • Other first responder organizations serving individuals and communities impacted by substance use that are legally organized and trained to respond to overdose emergencies and administer intranasal naloxone.

How to Request No-Cost Intranasal Naloxone from CCEs

County/Regional CCEs serve as the primary point of contact for first responders within their communities to request and receive naloxone at no cost. There are currently 48 County/Regional CCEs covering all 67 counties across the Commonwealth. Contact information for these CCEs is available in the interactive map below.

​In addition to these designated County/Regional CCEs, PCCD has also designated a state-level allocation of naloxone to supplement county/regional naloxone distribution efforts and provide Narcan® to harm reduction organizations, treatment providers, as well as state/county jail reentry programs. If you are an organization that falls in those categories and would like to learn more about this statewide allocation, please contact Samantha Koch, Senior Project Manager at PCCD, at or 717-216-7662.

NOTE: If you are a first responder or organization in need of naloxone, please reach out to your relevant County/Regional CCE directly first prior to contacting PCCD. If you are having difficulty getting in contact with a CCE, please email

You can learn more about the NFRP in the FY 2020-2022 NFRP Guidelines for CCEs, General Public & First Responder FAQs, and other resource documents available below.

Additional Information and Resources